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Canine Sports Massage

We are excited to announce the addition of an opportunity for the general public.

Wayne has developed a course for introducing handlers to an introduction to Sports Massage for their Canine Athletes and Service Dogs.


With a strong passion for dogs and the outdoors and after 20 years of connecting with human athletes, he now turns focus to assisting four-legged ones.

Individuals from the public are instructed on the theory and hands-on application of sports massage for their dogs in various types of athletic and physically demanding activities.




The Course can be delivered 'On-site' or a mobile basis and we can set up wherever its convenient for the handlers and dogs, indoors or preferably out!


The 2-3 hour seminar is  $45.00 per person. ($42.86 + $2.14 GST) 

For groups 6 - 8 people, $250. ($238.10 + $11.90 GST.)

This content is for general informational purposes only. It is not intended to be interpreted as medically or therapeutically relative to canine care. The Veterinarian is paramount in all medical and therapeutic interactions with your dog. The application of canine sports massage nor its theoretical basis should serve as any form of substitution for veterinary care. Consult your Veterinarian for all medical diagnosis, treatment and advice for the complete care of your dog.


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