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 The purpose of instruction in Anatomy is to give the students an understanding of the location and structure of the components of the body.  Anatomy is instructed  in all years of the program.


Year 1 (Basic Year)

Our focus will be on a general understanding of the musculoskeletal structures of the body.

Muscle –           Students will learn the origin, insertion and action of muscles.

Skeletal –          Students will learn the prominences and depressions that serve as bony attachment sites.

Articulations –   Students will learn the bony anatomy, functional classifications, and ranges of motion available for joints. 

Year 2 (Advanced Year/s)

The students will expand their knowledge of the inter-relationship of the musculoskeletal, articulatory, neural and cardiovascular systems.

Muscle –           Students will now move to a further understanding of secondary movements of muscles.  Emphasis will include Synergist and Antagonist roles.  Students will also learn the nerve, artery and vein supply of the muscles.

Skeletal –          Students will move toward a stronger understanding of the skeletal structures.

Nervous System – Students will have a detailed understanding of the lumbar, sacral and brachial plexus

Cardiovascular System – Students will learn the location and function of the primary arteries and veins of the body

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